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Babi pangang speciaal

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Roasted crispy pork with sweet and sour sauce 

Yes, we know, it is not really Chinese, it is Dutch, it is unhealthy, has nothing to do with Chinese, it is not creative. But yes, the Chinese in the Netherlands made it like 100 years ago, different times and with less ingredients, it has nothing to do with China, but is that important ? We still don't understand why this piece of meat  is difficult to get locally is ordered so much?  Once you start making it yourself, you only start to appreciate it. This is underrated dish! Believe us, once you'll get a bill from your energy company and shake your head why you started it to begin with. If this is Dutch why do people know so little about here in the Netherlands and keep on bashing a great dish? Restaurant Royal San Kong is not ashamed of making it here for like since 1988. Not because we have to it is because we still can. The name of this exclusive beautiful piece of meat "Procureur". I save you the recipe, to make the end product it will take you about 5 hours. and then you didn't even make the sauce. Believe us we have one thing and that is sauce! We may not be authentic, but you are, and that's the point! Don't feel guilty, we eat it too!

Delicious Dutch Chinese. Dutch Classic main dish, Porcureur that has been braised for 3 hours , shockfreezed for 2,5 hours and sliced and deep fried for 2 minutes. Underrated Dish that needs respect!

 sweet and sour , spicy sauce,  with pineapple

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